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The original tantra exprience in Paris

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About Us


Welcome to the original Tantra Experience in Paris. The finest techniques from the most qualified academies in the world, created to give you the most unique, true Tantric Experience. 


My approach for a therapeutic tantric massage in Paris is based on deep bodywork and energy work. During the course of your massage, I apply the knowledge that I've acquired over many years and many countries in the most qualified therapists. The bonding of the body with the mind, the maximum expression of bliss and everything that I have experienced for many years as a serious professional of the tantric journey. Allow yourself to feel the joy that your body can offer, and raise your sensual experience to a higher level of consciousness...

You will experience a unique Holi for you, as healer - warm hearted, caring, soft and kind, respectful, honorable and sophisticated. I will create a perfect safe space for your body. You can explore and discover the mystery and magic of your entire body & discover yourself. Do not hesitate if you have a chance to book a therapeutic tantric experience with me...

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About Us

"In Tantra, physical touch balances health if it turns into life energy in a person"


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Tantric Coach Holi


Kundalini Expert, Tantric practitioner, Professional Therapist, 

Therapeutic White Tantra Expert and Chakra Energy healer.

Starting 2022: 

Shamanic Spiritual Ceremony Healer

Specialist in Kundalini energy awakening and Therapeutic White Tantra Rituals for your whole body and mind. Cleanse and purify your emotional and nervous system as well as your body with chakra exchange and balancing. At the same time, I specialize in human behavioral psychology. It changes according to the connection I have made with my guests..


I work intuitively with my guests and when I work with your energy in a massage therapy that provides a nice touch feeling that creates a unique and powerful experience in your body and mind. You will feel that each of my techniques for your needs is different, that is, no two massages or sessions are the same. All sessions are a different & unique experience.

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Tantric Coach Holi

"In Tantra, physical touch balances health if it turns into life energy in person"


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Holi Tantra

My guests are mostly from city professions, from Tantra Practitioners, Athletes, Bankers, Lawyers, Merchants, Corporate Finance, Stocks and Brokers and IT sectors. Intercity Marketing as well as the Media sector.


I wish my guests to be successful in their journey.  I'm expecting your call or message to be able to make your reservation into the tantric universe. 



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Tantra Body

Full body activation Tantra from low to moderate pressure, enriched experience with authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls.   

60 min, €300

Tantra Duo

4 hands activating, relaxing & healing stress. Synchronized twin hands, for maximum relaxation. 


60 min, €600

Women Exclusive

Designed exclusively by women, for women.  This is one of our signature therapies. 

60 min €250

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The Holy Experiences

+336 64 72 88 51

Couples Tantra

Strengthens bonds between couples, simultaneous massage with intimacy

60 min €600 

The Holi Tantra

My signature massage experience for you. A combination of the best techniques, a holistic approach to tantra, full chakral activation, from hot stones, to essential oils. 

90 min, €350

5 Senses Tantra VIP

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People travel accross the world for this 5 senses activation therapy. Healing sounds, flavors, touch, scents & views for an unforgettable experience


120 min, €550

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Name, Title

If you want warmth, beauty, sincerity, peace, happiness, then Holi is worth seeing. I felt good with a loving and thoughtful touch, my heart and soul heated with a warm happiness. I look forward to seeing her again.

Philip ***** - Paris, France

Name, Title

I just want to mention that first session with Holi was just a

beginning for that I was going to live. At the end of the 2nd session I realized that I could see very important things about myself and my life situation. I really recommend Asiva as a true tantric healer. And I hope to see Holi soon again, thanks for everything.

Ellsworth  T***** - Wiltshire, UK

Name, Title

I got stronger after working with Asiva. My energy of life has begun to come. back I look forward to the next meeting with Holi, I know it

will continue to deepen! I And I will discover more about myself, and I will connect with people around me, people I love and others.


Christopher H**** - Berlin, Germany

Holi taught us a new kind of bonding in our relationship. Through trust, connection & expanding our senses beyond what we though possible. We had our second Couples Session during a very challenging time and we felt like the day we met, but deeper, stronger. Every experience is a new beginning with Holi. 

Klara & Klause, Dusseldorf, Germany

Name, Title

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